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    Ask HN: Developers aged 50, how have you gotten around age discrimination?
    by kevintb

    about 9 hours ago

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    Ask HN: What books changed the way you think about almost everything?
    by anderspitman

    1 day ago

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    What would you do if a company recently rejected you contacted you for an offer?
    by kennethwty

    about 7 hours ago

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    Ask HN: How to encourage and maintain a long term organizational knowledge base?
    by smellfungus

    about 11 hours ago

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    Ask HN: What can I do so that Monkeys do not chew my fiber optic cable?
    by sexyrouter

    about 1 hour ago

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    Ask HN: How are you getting through (and back from) burning out?
    by leksak

    about 17 hours ago

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    Ask HN: Did offering a money-back guarantee help your business?
    by nCHc

    1 day ago

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    Do ArXiv papers get deleted after a particular period?
    by godelmachine

    about 5 hours ago

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    Ask HN: What practices can we use to avoid overengineering in our projects?
    by kace91

    about 8 hours ago

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    Ask HN: Can you work as a developer while taking medication for mental illness?
    by throwaway39485

    about 8 hours ago